Purple Turtle Concepts offers a range of services related to different aspects of Landscape and Garden Design, from 2D designs and 3D rendering of designs, virtual video walk-throughs for projects, to landscape design advice and consultations to ensure that the vision of every garden space that is designed is given the best chance to develop to the fullest of its potential.

Below we give more information on some of these services, please contact us if you would like any additional details or a possible quote.

Landscape Design

As highly qualified landscape designers we pride ourselves on producing designs that go above and beyond the expectations of home or business owners. We use the latest computer driven techniques to enable us to show every aspect of how a designed garden can improve all areas of an outdoor space. In terms of design we are totally client focused and every garden designed is always totally unique to the client and their brief for any space.

Designs are created totally with the clients needs in mind, not just the final goal of a finished garden but the path to achieving it that must be considered. Plans can be produced so that a full turnkey installation can be done or, alternatively, towards a more phased approach.

Each project is unique and handled as such.


Many people out there are very happy working in their own gardens but many often make costly mistakes due to not know more about what should be done. Purple Turtle Concepts offers a consultation service where we can, at a minimal cost, give you the extra pointers to make sure that the efforts you put into your garden reap the rewards you are hoping for! 

Tips such as what to cut back and by how much, which plants would grow better in the sun rather than semi-shade, and when its time to remove and replace! 

A pointer from a trained set of eyes can help make a good garden great

Render of Designs

Our focus at Purple Turtle Concepts is to work with other landscaping companies and contractors. As such, our services are geared towards assisting other companies in the Green Industry.

Many landscaping companies often find it difficult to keep up with design work while running the day to day  duties of labour, installations, deliveries etc. This is where Purple Turtle Concepts can assist by designing with your company or simply draughting (rendering) and, if required, creating 3D representations of the designs that you have already created to make sure that what you are offering is presented at the best quality possible.

Purple Turtle Concepts' aim is to take some pressure off in terms of the design while your company focuses on the best quality installations.